New Jersey Security Camera Systems

Residential & Business

Security Camera Systems – At DVS Technologies, our mission is to design, install, and maintain, high quality, user friendly video management systems that quickly pay for themselves through a reduction in loss, but more importantly, an increase in your business intelligence, and security.

The Key to Security and Operational Efficiency

Residential & Business Security Camera InstallationFounded in 2001, DVS Technologies custom builds and deploys premium digital video surveillance systems that allow owners and managers to more efficiently run their business. In existence for 10+ years, DVS has been able to weave our way through the web of DVR and software manufacturers, to custom build machines that couple high quality hardware with robust software. Our satisfied client list ranges from McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts, to Wal-Mart Mobil, and Shell. So whether your concern is loss prevention, safety and security, employee efficiency, or you simply need eyes in multiple locations, allow DVS Technologies to escort you into the digital future.

With a digital video system from DVS Technologies, you can achieve a better understanding of how your business operates, while simultaneously securing your facility and reducing your risk and shrinkage.  Call today for a free estimate, so we can customize a system specific to your needs.



Features and benefits available with our Digital Video Systems:

  • Remotely view your business from anywhere in the worldResidential & Business Security Camera Installation
  • Monitor inventory and vendor deliveries
  • Verification of  “slip and falls,” and “fender benders”
  • Nearly unlimited storage capabilities
  • Review many hours of information in just minutes
  • Options to record on motion only with no human intervention
  • Alarm notification via E-Mail, Cell Phone, etc.
  • DVR seamlessly integrates with all existing camera systems
  • Integrate up to 16 different facilities into one screen
  • Multiple video compression technologies available